Thursday, May 19, 2016

Just because...

The teen is just spiraling... missing from school yesterday - left early because she "didn't want to be there". I coaxed her into the car and off to school to meet with the assistant principal, who - by the way - looks to be about 12. I guess I'm really just getting old. She went through her speech about the gravity of the offense and announced the potential punishment would probably be a 2 day suspension. What a great punishment for someone who is failing and hating school! 

I let it all fly at that point. It was not pretty, there were a lot of tears, but perhaps it was just what was needed to FINALLY be heard.

I am super stressed and anxious today; mostly because I am seeing a lawyer tomorrow and writing a big fat check for  money we really don't have, and it's a gamble. Results aren't guaranteed. My daughter needs a different school... It's more than likely that she'll have to repeat a year, but whatever...

I've had ice cream for dinner the past 2 nights. That is NOT WHOLE 30... although it is the only real cheat... although there is no cheating on WHOLE 30 - only starting over... and never quitting. Meh.


fitteratfortyish said...

I'm sorry. Whole 30 is kind of an intense and demanding program, and I think they say don't do this if/while something else intense is going on in your life. And it sounds like what you are dealing with is definitely intense.

What about a Plan B where you just keep your head above water (or above ice cream :) while getting through this)?

Take good care. Good luck with the lawyer.

Lynne said...


Plan B for sure. It's going to be an interesting day!