Monday, July 25, 2016

Climbing a Mountain...

I'm not a fan of heights and I'm climbing Mt Washington Wednesday. It's on my "bucket list", though I'm a little anxious and curious about what I was thinking.... I'm going with my siblings; friends...We will have fun; and it will be hard; and I'll be posting a picture Thursday.

I have a crazy week and I've been sleeping terribly.

Lots of hot flashes and it's hot enough.

I'm trying pants on at EMS this afternoon - the kind with the zip off legs to make them shorts... I've been wearing dresses all summer (one and done wear). I am a little nervous about pants and my bottom... meh.

I'm still logging food; had a great workout Saturday; ate a few foods I regretted like a lobster claw pastry - puff pastry filled with cream (a NE thing). It wasn't that great.

Moving forward and hoping for a loss. I'm weighing in Thursday this week....

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Anonymous said...

I so agree about the lobster-claw pastry, and lots of other pastries, once you're basically off them and you have them again, they're really not that great! Nothing compelling about them at all, except a weird social pressure around eating them?!

You're going to be proud of yourself after Wednesday!

How did paddle-boarding go?