Monday, August 01, 2016

Climb a mountain. CHECK.

This is how it ended.

And this is how it started.
Beginning of Lower Headwall Climb on Tuckerman Ravine Trail, 07222012
The whole "trail" was ROCKS. It was mad-hot at 8:30 a.m. - mid 80's and rising. I'm not going to lie. I was anxious and it never got any better. Full on panic attack 3/4 the way up in the middle of NOWHERE. I'm thankful for my sister and pissed at my body. Physically I could do this, but mentally... My heart would not stop racing (altitude?)... It felt like it was beating out of my chest the entire time. Yes, it was grueling, steep and hot... but it was doable and yet I couldn't stop the physical symptoms that just took over my body... I took a salt cap at the first mile, and was well hydrated yet the racing continued. At the 2 mile mark I felt a little better.... but then I got hotter and nature called #2!  UGH... My younger sister offered me Imodium at the beginning and I should have taken her up on it... I relieved myself behind a boulder... I thought after that the tingling sweats would subside, but my hands and knees were shaking and I was dizzy and nauseous. I took another salt tab, drank water and stingers and another Imodium. My sister worried, but pushed me further (there was no choice) and I never felt worse in my life, but I continued and it sucked.

This is the top part of the "trail"and it definitely took the longest....

I was SOOOOOOO happy to hit the parking lot at the top and SO unhappy to have to climb the 6 flights of stairs to the facilities. I threw up in the bathroom and felt 10x better - drank a Powerade and was happy to learn that my sister arranged for transportation back to the car... Thankfully none of us wanted to tack on the three + hour hike down...

We waited 30 minutes to get our Summit picture and took the auto road - down (yikes and glad I wasn't driving). After a delicious and well deserved meal we headed back three hours to MA. It was a long day. I couldn't even shower I was so tired....

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Anonymous said...

!!! YOU DID IT!!!!

Wow, that sounds like QUITE the climb. Really grueling! Congratulations to you for making it to the top - and then plus another 6 flights of stairs to the bathroom. wow, that seems kind of cruel in the planning, doesn't it?! ugh.