Tuesday, November 01, 2016

A Candy Free Halloween!

Didn't want it.

Didn't miss it.

I told my kids: DO NOT GIFT ME ANY OF YOUR CANDY.  DO NOT TEMPT ME WITH OLD FAVORITES. I DO NOT WANT IT BECAUSE IT  DOESN'T SUPPORT MY PROGRAM. And, it worked. They offered nothing. They didn't tease me; and I appreciated it, though honestly I wasn't tempted. I had a really good food day - although not a good step day since I had to work and drive kids everywhere...9,421 - I can do better...

I know one or two "on" days can't make up for the indulgences of  last weekend; and I'm preparing mentally for what the scale will show tomorrow. I know it makes me anxious and I hate that; but I do love seeing progress and I do crave the accountability. It gives me a sense of control and purpose.

Tomorrow I recommit to the challenge. I have no real number goals - just a desire to shed the excess and feel better in my skin. I still feel big, uncomfortable and unhealthy. I feel judged because of the regain, and I know there are things I avoid (like classes at the gym) because of the regain... I hate isolating - especially at this time of year since it leads to a bad place; and I need to - as uncomfortable as it is - rejoin the masses... I know I won't regret it.

Tomorrow morning I will go to spin class - or maybe even tonight if the stars align...

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