Monday, November 07, 2016

As Expected.

The weekend (as expected) was stressful, but thankfully all went well and we're back to Monday with an extra hour of sleep. SIGH...

I didn't hit my steps yesterday because I just couldn't muster the motivation to take the dog on one more walk. It was dark and cold and I was really just spent. Fortunately Saturday more than made up for it so my 7-day average is 12,152 steps! Food was not stellar. I didn't eat anything regretful, but I did have a glass of wine Saturday night. It's so hard to refuse a gift; and it was delicious wine; and I only had one glass... Food was just over my limits for no reason other than I ate too much.

I wrote it all down. I'm going to reign it in this week. I will plan better.

Of course this weekend is going to be another bucket of stress as we're off to visit the in-laws for the first time in 2 years. They've had many health problems so the DH has gone out to help several times, but this will be the first visit for the girls and me. We're staying in a hotel, which should ease the stresses a bit; and I hope we come out of the visit with good memories and NO drama...

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Anonymous said...

that extra hour of sleep felt so good, didn't it?!

great average on your steps. have a good week!