Monday, November 14, 2016

Ate my way through the weekend and now what?

We left Thursday for PA. I tried to eat normally. I logged it all into MFP and yikes (2K, 3K, 2K calories Friday - Sunday and not enough steps... not good). Obviously the lack of planning and schedules is not good for my diet. Add in the stress of the IN-LAWS and too many hours in the car with the family and the election aftermath... Honestly! - How could I have expected anything different?!

So now what?

It's Monday morning. Work and then the girls have activities, but I am going for the longest of walks with my dog who missed me. I am going to *try* to cut calories back a bit --- nothing too crazy and make sure I get plenty of protein, fat and GREEN things... logging it all into MFP. I hope I can keep the damage to a minimum come weigh in Wednesday. Regardless of the number, I'm going to be accountable and accept the challenge of a new week. This is what real life is all about.

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