Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It Starts with a Good Day...

Yesterday I felt in control. I ate low calorie (1,000) with a mix of fruit, veggies, protein and healthy fat. I ate when I was hungry and my only minor slip was an ice cream cone at 8 p.m. on our way home from the teen's appointment... It's a habit I'm working to break. I went for an awesome walk with the dog - the weather was excellent and I ended the day with 13,500 steps.

Today I plan to repeat what I did yesterday.

And I bought The Paleo Thyroid Solution with Elle Russ which I intend to read starting today. I really want to remain symptom-stable this winter, lose the weight and not get depressed (SAD). Six months until SPRING...   5-HTP is a supplement Elle Russ recommends to support weight loss and manage PMS/Depressive symptoms. I'll have to do more research.

For now I'm aiming for another good day.

I'm feeling anxious about the scale tomorrow. It's why I shunned the scale for 3+ years, but I have to be accountable. I need to get over this *fear*?! It's just a machine; just a number; just a moment in time. I'm so much more.

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