Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weigh in and other ramblings.

Finishing the month with a gain was not my plan; but it is what happened and I'm moving forward. ACCOUNTABILITY!  I am going to work harder this week and focus on weight loss not just going through the motions. Thankfully I have no parties and only one planned dinner out so I'll decide what to order before I go and drink only vodka if I need to... NO DESSERT!

The little one is on a fitness kick so we're pre-planning meals, prepping veggies and snacks, keeping each other accountable and getting to the gym. She's focused on health and strength and I'm trying to do the same, but add weight loss. I can not stress how uncomfortable I am carrying all this weight and how anxious I am to get it off. It's so hard and I feel like one bad day (Thanksgiving) can mess with my week and no amount of exercise is going to undo the damage...

I've averaged 12,700 steps this last week and have a streak going of 10K days that started 11/16... I'm also done a solid week of strength training. I'm not going to stop, but it just solidifies the fact that FOOD is 80% of weight loss and has to be the focus.

This week my goals are:

1. Log everything into MFP
2. Plan meals
3. Only eat when hungry
4. Keep Carbs under 100 per day.
5. No eating after 6 p.m.

I don't want to start 2017 in the 190's... 


Enz said...

It sounds like you are on a good path just now! Keep it up!
It does suck that exercise doesn't have a bigger impact on weight loss.
I'm on a step streak too, since October 1 and determined not to break it for December as well. We can do this, deal?

Lynne said...

DEAL with the steps... Trust me - I've walked around my bedroom, run in place, whatever was needed to hit my 10K and not screw it up... It's nice to have company though.... !

Enz said...

Same here!!!
Are you on the fitbit app?
Add me: