Monday, December 19, 2016

A Little Bit of Christmas Stress...

As much as I want to enjoy the season, I have to admit to feeling stressed. I have a pit in my stomach - like I should be doing something else; like things aren't getting done; like I'm forgetting something....  It doesn't feel good. I need to find some yoga... or a massage... or ???

What I don't want to do is EAT.

I am using all of my willpower this week to stay away from cookies and chocolate and anything carb-filled. I'm really trying to take to heart the idea that there is no moderation; you can't eat whatever you want and still lose weight... at least I can't.

And, I don't like Franken-food. I don't want a carb-free cookie, or "almond cheese"... I want the real deal. But if the real deal is loaded with stuff that doesn't support my weight loss efforts than I need to suck it up and not eat it... There are no calories in smelling fresh gingerbread and I can remember how delicious it tastes without actually eating it... Can't that be enough? It will have to be enough.

And the step streak continues - even in the freezing cold, slushy streets or pouring rain... It has to matter this week, because it took a lot to get done... So I'm putting a lot of eggs in the 'Weigh in Wednesday' basket.... I hope the scale reflects my efforts.

On another note, the DH is on a quest to make me even more crazy... Several weeks ago he mentioned that he had vacation to burn...  I suggested (strongly) that he take Christmas vacation week off since the kids will be home and I had to work... Made sense to me... So this morning he mentions that he'll be off starting tomorrow for the rest of the week.... All the time I set aside to wrap and clean and cook without kids or interruption...and he'll be working next week when kids are home...



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