Thursday, December 29, 2016

Breaking the Fast...

Rather than rush to eat I went to work a few hours and planned my meal to break the fast. I opted for 2 eggs, +1 egg white with a little cheese, salsa over steamed shredded brussel sprouts (we bought too much for Christmas). I was satisfied... it was around 10:30.

At 12:30 I was craving sweet or crunchy - think cookies/carbs and thankfully we had none.. Could have just been stress (teen...) but I caved and ate a Luna bar and a glass of almond milk. At 3:00 I met friends for coffee, I ate a piece of homemade baklava (very sweet) and later went to dinner with the DH and had a salad, vinaigrette and a chicken wing (yes, one). I drank water due to a splitting headache... I think I was really dehydrated and over-caffeinated.

I went home, took the dog for a long walk and went to bed. I met my step goal and ate on plan and within my calories.

What I learned from the fast was:

1. I can do it.
2. I suffered no digestive issues at all.
3. I craved sweet/crunchy; but was it the fast or my mental state? (I vote mental).
4. If I keep on top of my eating post-fast - plan, log, be very aware... fasting is something I could do weekly, biweekly, or after I've had an indulgent weekend.

For me I think its better to just be firm and eat nothing for 24 hours. The type of "fasting" that alternates low cal days or specific windows for food leave the door open for me to get loose with the rules and thus the integrity of the plan. It's like the way I am with "moderation"; my mind/body just doesn't understand the concept; better to be tough and just say NO.

Overall I'm happy with the results - I feel in control and much more motivated. Onward, downward...

House situation still tense. Part mental illness, part PMS, part clueless man... Breathing, walking and considering a soak...  in a pod... There's a Groupon and a location not far from my house...

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Anonymous said...

Super cool! Imma check out the flotation pod, my stepdaughter has done that and loved it.

In case you want even more credit for your fast - plenty of people call what you did a 36-hour fast - counting hours from the last meal before fasting to when they break their fast. Yours might have even been 40 hours. This is just in case you're interested! But, too, it also might just be easier to just keep thinking of it as a 24-hour fast. Either way, great job! And really empowering results. Fasting does seem to help a lot of people. Glad you experimented with it, it really sounds worthwhile.