Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Weigh in Wednesday...

This is  unexpectedly what I weigh today and I'm moving forward with renewed enthusiasm. (Fake it til you make it right?)

Is it the New Year? Perhaps - or maybe it's just that feeling you get when you're crazy busy and all out of sorts; and then you're done... (yes).

I'm also feeling a little anxious and depressed. I'm mad at myself for the choices I made over the weekend. I was presented an opportunity to eat well and I just didn't... And I really wanted to be in the 180's this week. Saturday is my last chance to weigh in 2016 (Does it really matter? and Do I want it bad enough?)

And while my mind is all over the place... I need to add in strength training and I'm thinking Cross Fit again... I have next Tuesday off so I can go to Elements and I hope I will... Mojo better show up.

Nine pounds down since October 12th.... At this rate I'll be at goal by next Christmas and I'm not even kidding... I knew it would be slow going, and I just have to remain diligent and patient. I have a goal of 155 - a weight I feel good at and one that I can definitely maintain.

36.3 pounds to go.

Yesterday I tried and succeeded at fasting. It is the first time in my life that I have gone a full 24 hours without consuming food... not one bite... I had 5-6 cups of coffee and that's it. I was at work until 2:30 and then took the kids to the movies at 3:30. I let them order pizza on the way home and I worked on a puzzle until 11. Keeping busy and mostly out of the house was key.

There was also drama at my house - Teen + DH - which took any chance of an appetite away...

And now I'm drinking coffee with a splash of milk - thinking about what I want to eat to break the fast - I'm thinking eggs...I feel a lot like I did finishing WHOLE 30 for the first time... a little proud of myself for making it... and a little hesitant to break the fast... We'll see how I handle today. I don't to compensate or allow crap because I didn't eat yesterday... I want to eat normal, on plan foods... We'll see how it goes....

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Anonymous said...

woo hoo! on all counts!
congrats on the fast. will you share if you have any tummy/digestive issues on breaking the fast?

great week! good loss despite the holiday indulgences. I'm willing to bet the fast helped.