Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Weigh in Ramblings

The Good 

  • Down .8 lbs, so I'm at least maintaining, after a not so stellar week.
  • The cookies are GONE.
  • I don't have any parties this weekend and the teen is off on a retreat so the stress and temptations should be much less.
  • I have a meal plan that I'm prepping for today, which includes soup, veggie chili,  shrimp salad and pork loin (not all at once!)
  • I have a 24 days and counting FITBIT streak of 10K+ days and my daily step average is 12,674. 
  • I've logged all my food (and will continue to do) in MFP for 55 days and counting.
  • We start an accountability group today at work that includes a weekly weigh.  

The Bad
  • It's going to be BUTT COLD which means a big challenge to get my steps in.
  • The DH continues to bring junk home - which I really need to just get over!
  • I continue to struggle with night time cravings for sugar... It is REALLY a struggle and I'll have to go cold turkey - NOTHING SWEET- for a few weeks to see if it will subside. I doubt that I will be able to do it... (thank you inner critic)
I think the theme for this week's challenge is BACK TO BASICS. Measure portions, eat on a schedule, and really consider hunger levels. I really want to reach my monthly goal of getting in the 180s... 

1 comment:

Enz said...

Back to basics is always a good thing.
You're not doing as bad as you think you are. These are great achievements.