Friday, January 27, 2017

My Last Political Rant... Promise.

I'm overwhelmed by this new administration... the craziness, the lies and the politics that have compromised values and sensibility I thought were steadfast; regardless of where people fall on the left-right spectrum.

Lindsy Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz... Our beliefs are very different, but I respected you for speaking truth to crazy and now you've all chosen to cave... Power and Money win - SO, SO, SAD.

I respect every persons right to believe whatever they choose, but beliefs are not facts... You can't impose your beliefs on anyone; but facts are facts...

Trying to silence the press, scrub government websites of science, place gag orders on federal employees... These actions are a threat to our democracy regardless of who you voted for...

And I'm really worried.

I was compelled to go to the Women's March last weekend. There were all kinds of people with all kinds of issues dear to them. Not all were mine, and I respect their right to protest. We are a nation of differences united under a common belief that we are better together than apart. We've become fractured over the last several decades and there seems to be no real consensus about why... AND we have to do something to fix it.

I'm going to do what I can to help. I don't believe the new administration is the answer to what ails this nation. That is my belief. The facts are revealed to us each day in the press and social media.

There are not "alternative facts"

These are sites I'm using to direct my activism; which is obviously progressive.

However, If you're more of a conservative - PLEASE be curious about what you hear and what you read.. Politifact, , Snopes.... Who's the author? What's the source? A little bit of time can put rumors to bed... Don't give credence to crazy... AND Don't even get me started on Facebook....


And no sugar, low carb, track steps... Continue.

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Natalie Fowler said...

I don't know you Lynne, but I want to be friends. :)