Monday, January 30, 2017

Slug-Fest Sunday...

I had a decent run Saturday with the girls; 5 miles - more running than walking. The rest of my day was not productive and there was a LOT of grazing... dinner out and then grazing all day Sunday; eating things I haven't had in ... months (gluten, wheat)... and my stomach is not happy this morning.

I don't know why this weekend morphed into SLUGFEST... Perhaps it was a need for a "down" weekend... but why choose gross food?

And today is a new day.

I'm going to Kripalu in two weeks.

I need a foundation of clean eating.

This morning I feel good.

My goals of the week:

1. Eat clean, journal ALL FOOD
2. Get to the gym 2x and to 1 yoga class
3. FAST Tuesday.

I'm ready to reign this in and get back to work!


Enz said...

Just get back on the horse!

Wendy said...

As to "why choose gross food"? To me, it takes some time to get used to the new response to the food of very old habits. Like, it takes a LONG time to get used to these new responses! Until we do, those old habits, and old comforts, are ingrained. I think (I hope!) the bad feelings we get when we have these crap items will ultimately get ingrained themselves. Maybe we need meditations/mantras to remind us of that without doing the cheat and having the yuck feelings themselves! Feel better.

Lynne said...

I like that Mantra idea... I know that wheat/gluten does not agree with me... AND it's my go-to when I feel stressed... It's a sad cycle of stress, eat, feel bad physically, feel bad guilty... and probably still stressed... Better to sit with the feeling for a while and move on....