Monday, January 09, 2017

The Teen and ... Meh...

I absorb her stress and disappointment like a sponge.

She didn't pass her driving test for the second time.... UGH!  She's having a bad spell. Sometimes it really sucks being a mom.

And now for another snow filled day in MA... and a party that must go on... and I have to pick up the food at the caterer. AND I HATE DRIVING IN THE SNOW. Thirty miles to my sisters and back... UGH. But wait. Where's Dad? Oh, and he thought he'd just run over to the store... AND He's shocked that there's so much traffic!  On a Saturday, at the start of a snowstorm DAH!)

Snow twice in 2 days is too much so I resorted to taking my back up anti-anxiety med... the first in a year... It just feels like it's going to be too much...and I have to keep moving... meh.

I ate a mamouth corn muffin yesterday. I was disappointed, entitled, mad at myself all at once. WTF!? I made sure that even though I was EXHAUSTED, I went for a long walk. It has to matter for something. I made sure to do the same this morning.

I have to process a lot from the week... the issues with the teen; the sadness for my friend at the death of her stepson. The ongoing lack of communication with my husband and all the frustration that goes along with it... It's times like these that I need to have someone to lean on and it's hard when they are utterly clueless.

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