Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Weigh Day and Fasting Redux

I am officially 10 lbs down since October!  No rapid weight loss here, but it's never been the case for me. Regardless of how long it takes, I'm working a plan that works for me and at this rate I'll be in goal range by the end of the year. I'm OK with that because this is how I will eat for the rest of my life - low carb, real food, fighting a battle with the sugar monster. Adopting these permanent habits will help me be better able to maintain the weight once it's off.

I'm going to test my thyroid again next week. I'm anxious to see the numbers. I hope that they remain in the "normal" range; but if not, I will applaud myself for speaking up to my primary and get on top of it asap. My doctor has a tendency to not worry about things until they get out of control. We have a difference of opinion. The Paleo Thyroid Solution (Elle Russ) has definitely opened my eyes about the importance of the thyroid and good adrenal health. I'm making sure to take my supplements (d, b12, selenium, zinc, omega-3, and a probiotic). I also *try* to remember the unfiltered apple cider vinegar; but the taste has much to be desired. It will be a tough habit to maintain... and I'll continue to practice. Finally I'm going to continue fasting for one day a week. It has presented no negative issues; I break the fast with a protein/fat (eggs); and it feels good mentally - like I'm giving my body a weekly reset. Good.

The teen is offering up some challenges of late - nothing  we can't handle, but it has set off some alarms... Is our period of relative stability coming to an end? Only time will tell; and in the meantime we continue to encourage her to work her plan as we work our own. Mental illness - meh.

One other thing I vow to work on this year is my marriage. The DH and I have a lot of challenges, but we've also been together 28 years... (8 dating, 20 married in April). I think we're better together... we just need a lot of work to get back to a better place. He's showing signs of reforming his diet this week (?) I'm saying nothing, and secretly cheer!

My goals for this week:

  1. EAT CLEAN - macros, calories...
  2. Hit my step numbers and work on strength. Given the kids' schedules, it will be near impossible to make it to Cross Fit classes... I'm going to have to fit it in on my own. 
  3. BE KIND. Don't escalate situations, listen, listen, listen...
  4. Continue the House de-cluttering! 


Anonymous said...

Great job, exciting result! Congrats on the milestone.

I work on (practice) being kind also. It can be tougher than it seems like it should be! Illuminates some old internal habits, I think - for me, at least.


Enz said...

Next stop the 180's. That is awesome!