Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday

Down .3 for the week, but seeing the 180's brings me a little smile. Although I would love to see 1-2 lb losses; I know my body and it likes to hold onto weight... AND even if I only manage 2 pounds per month; that still puts me just 10 pounds from my goal at the end of the year; and that's being conservative.

As I said yesterday, I need to be a little more thoughtful and proactive about my eating. Lately I go into situations where I estimate food amounts and macros only to be surprised by numbers when I enter them in MFP. I either try to make up for these meals by cutting back at the next or just blowing my goals outright... I know that's how things go sometimes, but I need to be more consistent if I want to increase my average weekly loss (and I do!)

Event Details
An icy mix last night meant evening activities were cancelled.I was really glad to not be driving all over town which is my usual Tuesday night. The teen was in a better place this morning and I'm hoping she'll stay that way through the weekend.

I'm taking the girls on a fast trip to Washington and everyone needs to be on their best behavior. Look for us in the crowd we'll be marching. I am really happy to be doing something to show where I stand and help contribute to a constructive platform for those of us that feel shut out from the new administration. I was SO distressed after the election... I want my girls to know that their vote matters and whoever is elected needs to be held accountable to all citizens not just the ones that put him in office. And that's enough politics.

For the trip - fruit if I need something sweet. Cut veggies, rolled ham slices. NO MORE BARS. Starbucks is my car treat (love a flat white) and that's it.... For now, I'm making fish tacos (with lettuce instead of shells for me) boiled eggs for breakfast, and veggies to snack if needed. I'm taking a break from ALL processed sugars and trying to keep my carbs under 100... Let's see if that helps me lose at least a pound next week!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting to the 180's!!! Sounds like you know exactly where you could improve and you know what to do.

Have a good time at the march! We took my stepdaughter to numerous marches in NYC, like protesting the war in 2003-ish. I think it's great for kids. Good for you, and for them!

Oh, I also wanted to recommend checking out Yoga Journal on Facebook - they post home practices you can do there. I saw one posted today and thought of you.

Enz said...

Yes!! The 180s!! Way to go.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your loss. No matter how small, a loss is still a loss. You're still going in the right direction :) And your food plans for the trip sound spectacular! Good luck on all your goals :)