Monday, January 23, 2017

What a Weekend... Now What??

AMAZING and EXHAUSTING. This was the teen by the end of the day Saturday summing up how we all were feeling.

The ride from Massachusetts was long, but it was fun... Rest stops along the way were filled with Marchers..."Look at this place filled with women... I wonder where there going???" remarked one college aged girl as I pumped my gas... It made me smile. The young one brought her GoPro, the teen was so thrilled that her teachers showed interest and encouraged her to write about her experiences to report when she got back. I felt good about taking them.

It was a very crowded Metro ride in but everyone was polite and helpful and stoked. I'm not going to lie - the crowds freaked me out a little; especially when I overheard the woman beside me tell her daughter that if people started pushing, she needed to do every thing possible to stay on her feet... We listened to Gloria Steinem, Alicia Keys, Kirstan Gillibrand and we waited and waited to March... It was delayed; so we decided to make our way to a museum to use a real bathroom and find something to eat. We assumed (wrongly) that there would be security checking bags so we didn't bring anything... There were 10 foot chain link fences still lining the Mall with openings every few feet that Marchers came in and out of... It was very claustrophobic, but thankfully I think I was the only one who felt that way... We  found ONE food truck on Constitution where there are usually many. I was EAT A HOUSE HUNGRY... Ate a sausage (yuck), fritos and a giant cookie... All foods I haven't had in a VERY long time. I did not feel well, but there really were no other options, and we didn't know when we'd find food again. Meh.

We made our way back to Independence Ave in time for the "March" to begin. Our favorite chant of the day - "HANDS TOO SMALL, CAN'T BUILD A WALL!" There were SO many people that there was no way we were going to make it to the White House. The bottom picture is as far as we got - in front of the Washington Monument. We decided at that point - It was 3 p.m. that we would start making our way to Union Station. It took nearly an hour to work our way out of the crowd, though we encountered throngs of Marchers all the way down Constitution Ave (No where near the actual route) who kept the streets closed and formed their own parade. We stopped and climbed one of the bleachers still up from the inauguration to get this shot in front of the Newseum. 
We got to Union Station and out of the city pretty easily, went back to my friends house and then off to my uncles to spend the night. The girls barely wanted dinner and went to bed asleep by 8 p.m. I could have easily joined them, but did the grown up thing and visited; thankful for a place to stay. We made it home last night in time for the Patriots Game!  YEAH PATRIOTS!!!

SO - The March was everything I wanted it to be. The girls were glad they went. It was fun taking a road trip with them. There was no fighting, no drama, no issues at all... I ate off plan, but wrote it all down. It's hard when there are no choices, when you're trapped in a car, or when your aunt makes a pasta meal for you, not knowing you don't eat pasta... I almost hit steps Friday night (almost 8K), 13K Saturday,but yesterday was not happening...3500 steps was all I got... I think that's the lowest amount ever in a day... Oh well... Streaks are made to be broken right? Today starts a new one. 

This morning I feel bloated and constipated (TMI). I ate eggs/cheese and coffee. I'm going to stay away from all things sugar today, have soup for lunch and dinner and fast tomorrow. I really need VEGGIES, water, and a solid work out. I don't feel as though I lost an ounce this week, but maybe I'll feel better tomorrow! 

I need to find something positive to do that will feed off of the energy of this weekend. I am so worried for our country. A political campaign, Planned Parenthood... I'll be reading through Indivisible, and the March website today. 

My favorite sign of the day "I DONATE ALL MY ORGANS TO RBG" 


Enz said...

What an adventure! Your girls will always remember this.

Anonymous said...

Great photojournalism! The march looked incredible. Glad you went and brought your girls. So good for all of you and all of us, I think.

Shelley said...

So cool that you got to do this with your girls - thank you for representing!