Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fasting Tuesday...

This is my fourth Tuesday Fast and I came into it last night feeling slightly annoyed... Seems I look forward to eating and had just bought fruit, eggs and turkey at the grocery store when I realized I couldn't have any of it until Wednesday. An ongoing dialogue of "Get over yourself; it's 24 hours; it's food; you're letting your body rest, reset, it's good to be a little hungry... " Shut up.

I know once I get beyond the 3 p.m. hour I'll be fine. My Tuesdays are busy driving and working and I have little downtime. It also helps that I had a horrible night's sleep so it will be easy to go to bed far away from the kitchen. I have to remember how it feels Wednesday mornings - not hungry, in control and accomplished. I know it's worth being a little uncomfortable.

After all my car sitting, stress and off plan eating this past weekend, I am not expecting miracles at the scale. It seems that no matter what I do; I lose weight slowly; so I'm training myself to not react to the scale, but rather look at the cumulative result starting 10/14/16.

What you and I can see is a wavy line sloping down - It's not straight and direct; it's bumpy; full of ups and downs; and I'm down 10+ lbs. I just read an article in Scientific American which shows that regardless of  activity; humans as a species burn the same number of calories each day. It basically shows that weight gain/obesity is all about "gluttony; not sloth..." While exercise promotes overall health and longevity, it has relatively little to do with our size. This confirms my researched belief that I will only lose weight if I stop eating and that no amount of steps can compensate for a poor diet.


Enz said...

You can't outrun your fork!

Anonymous said...

I use to fast on the last day of every month. I felt like it was giving me a re-set button for the new month. Like I was cleansing my soul and mind of food and just emptying my body to start fresh. In a way, sometimes, it felt very spiritual. When your head isn't fogged up with food it's kind of cool to see the thoughts that arise from within. Good luck on your Fast ...I hope the day goes by quickly for you.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about weight being about diet and not about exercise, but exercise still is very powerful for health and wellness.

You mentioned sleep so I'll also say - I know I've read (though I have no link at this moment) that lack of sleep can help us pack on fat/hinder us from shedding it. This one is tough for me, and for many people. But powerful hormones happen with sleep - and without it - and those hormones affect fat storage versus hormonal balance and healthy weight.

Cheers Lynne, you are doing great! I see a slope heading in the right direction. <3

Lynne said...

Love that ENZ!!!! Putting it on my Fridge!

FAST is always SO worth the effort I feel great today!!!

SLEEP is also a tough one for me... My FITBIT will read 7+ hours of sleep... 3x awake 10x restless.... OH MENOPAUSE!