Tuesday, February 28, 2017

FAST DAY and no car!

I can walk to work, but I usually don't because on a typical day I'm flying out the door on to  the next appointment, activity, whatever... Today I walked to work and it was pretty nice.

I let the teen take the car to school today - A one shot deal to prove to her classmates that she is indeed a licensed driver. - See the keys on the lanyard - Enter the school through the student parking doors... The joys of 17. (Please don't crash the car!)

TUESDAY is FAST DAY and I will honor my commitment to this process by not eating. After work, I'll walk home; change my clothes and take the dog on a nice long walk and stay out of the kitchen; away from temptation. I have every intention to retire early and read my book.

I NEED to practice different options for dealing with stress. I can not eat my way out of *issues* or arguments because there will ALWAYS be another... I think I've worked this out and then something happens and my mind just goes on autopilot. Before I know it, I've consumed sugar or a large amount of some processed carb, so I have to find a way to interrupt that switch. I need time to make a rational thoughtful choice before emotions take over. And it's hard. And I will keep trying.

I have meals prepped for the rest of the week. I have the tools I need to stay on track. I have a plan. We'll see how it goes. Weigh in tomorrow. Whatever it says; I'm going with it... Just a bump on the road...

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Wendy said...

That's so cool you can walk to work!!! I had a job right after law school where I could walk to work, and often I'd walk home at lunch. I love that feeling. Hope fast day went tolerably well :)