Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday

I'm up as expected and while it's not OK, I'm OK. It's a blip on the radar of my life and I'm moving on. I've shared my stress and often use life's challenges as an excuse for not following my weight loss plan. And I don't need excuses.

Am I truly committed to the process? It's something I ask myself daily and I can honestly say that in February I was not . I would spend Tuesdays committed, weigh in Wednesdays, lose my mind and repeat the cycle... Why?

Do I feel entitled after fasting? I know I feel satisfaction/confidence making it through FAST day; but beyond Tuesdays, there are times I feel totally disconnected from my right mind and before I know it, I've eaten my way through another day. It's a WTF moment. I reel it in, "recommit", but what does that really mean if "recommitting" doesn't lead to weight loss?
I have to do something new, different, to add more accountability or daily check in. This week will be the scale. I'm going to record my weight every day and post it here. Accountable. Let's see if it yields a different result and a much needed kick in the ass.


Wendy said...

For what it's worth... the post-fast "binge" or just eating more is normal and natural. It happens to most everyone, because your body is really seeking out food after a fast. Don't beat yourself up for that. Or for anything, actually!

Kudos for looking for a new technique, though, for the results that you want. I hope it works, and helps. I'm cheering you on!

Enz said...

Do you think the benefits of the fast outweigh the way you feel the next day? I know you always post so positively about how you feel when you have completed the fast day, but if it triggers to eat more the next day, the calories over the two days are probably equal. it more of a discipline for you, in a sense, you are successful for that day and that pushes you through the rest of the week? Just trying to give you something to think about :)

Weight loss is not easy. Stress is a huge detriment and even if you don't overeat, cortisol and insulin will make you bloated and gain weight. Don't underestimate the affect those two hormones have on weight loss.

You sound like you are being very introspective but I hope you are not beating yourself up or laying blame. Life happens. It won't always be perfect. You can only do your best on any given day with the cards you're dealt.