Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday!

Down one pound!  I am super happy to see a full number versus a point something. Yesterday's fast was totally fine with no issues. I broke the fast with eggs, cheese and stupidly ate a small pumpkin pancake from the weekend. Two hours later it's sitting like lead in the bottom of my stomach... I hope I've learned my lesson. No more wheat. WHAT IS UP WITH  MINDLESS EATING? I honestly can't remember thinking that this was a good choice... It wasn't a choice at all.... sigh.

My stress is  moderate. The teen is experiencing some anxiety transitioning to a new schedule this semester and that makes it harder for all of us to get up and out of the house on time. There are tears, drama and meh. Thankfully February vacation is in 2 weeks. The DH has a business trip next week which is always good for a reset; and the little one declared herself VEGAN so we have a whole new food routine right now and I'm trying to be supportive.

A training plan for the May race is in the works and the little one has agreed to follow along. As the Spring approaches I'm considering a 4:15 wake up to get my running done before walking the dog with my neighbor at 5... Nine times out of ten, I'm already not sleeping so it's just a matter of JUST DO IT! I know it's so much easier to get the workouts out of the way in the morning. It's easy to blow off an afternoon run in favor of driving someone somewhere or running errands... I am a morning person so anything requiring focus needs to happen before noon; after that my energy just plummets!

So - I'm 11.9 pound down since 10/12/2016. That's about 3 pounds per month and 33.4 pounds to go!


Enz said...

3 lbs per month is an excellent rate of loss. Congrats on another successful fast day :)

Wendy said...

Congrats on the loss, that's fantastic!

YIKES on the vegan thing! This really alarms me. Do you think it'll pass quickly?

Enz said...

P.S. I meant to add, "Look at you dancing down the scale!"

Lynne said...

Thanks ENZ .. ME dancing is a funny picture in my mind... And as for the VEGAN thing... It's a little annoying (not going to lie) and I've snuck in Whey Protein powder without her realizing what it is... b/c she doesn't like Tofu (me either) and I'm concerned about protein, but more concerned about the Fake foods (fake mayo, chicken nuggets, sausage links, yogurt, cheese) I like a good bean burger or falaffal, but SOY CHEESE makes me want to vomit!