Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday on Thursday and... it's not my favorite week

My weight yesterday was down to what it was 2 weeks ago - 188.3. I'm OK with that maintaining thing, but it would be nice to be in the weight loss groove and it hasn't happened for me since October. 

Let's see if stress will help this week. 

I'm going away this weekend and travel makes me stressed. We're flying which also stresses me out. My kids will be left to their own devices from 7 a.m. Saturday to 4 p.m. Sunday. I've NEVER left them; that's stressing me out. The teen is performing in a play all weekend so the girls couldn't go to my brother's house; and teen needs transportation so I'm leaving her my car. LOTS MORE STRESS. Last night while the teen was at rehearsal the car wouldn't start. DH and I headed out at 11 p.m. to see if we could jump it (on the coldest night ever!!) and it's busted. We left it and were home by midnight to sleep and deal with it in the day. I'm SO glad this didn't happen when we were gone. 

This morning I called AAA who promised to meet with the car by 6:40... no, 7:30... on second thought could you leave the keys; it's going to be a while... 9? My mechanic is awesome and is on board to fix it today; although I have NO CAR and so much to do before Saturday morning comes. 



Amy G. said...

Sounds VERY stressful! Do you practice meditation at all? Even a minute or two of focused breathing really helps me deal with stress and anxiety. I hear you about the maintain thing, although after what I did to myself last year, I will know now to see maintaining as a gift. You know?

On a smaller scale I've been going between 295 and 297 for just over a week now – very frustrating when all I want is to get firmly below 295! It's maddening. :)

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Amy says - it's time to breathe. Just close your eyes and breathe. Breathe in all the good things that will come out of a weekend away, a change of scenery, your girls "proving themselves" as I am sure they will. Breathe out the stress... as much as you can.

Even just counting the breathe (length of inhale, exhale) for a minute or two can be calming, and centering.

Hope you have a great trip!

Enz said...

Hope you had a good time away!