Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Little R & R in Palm Beach

This is where I spent several hours this weekend reading The Patriots. I'm almost done and it's really good if you like historical fiction. I also road city bikes, walked, ran, shopped a little and ate what I wanted - including frozen custard, gelato and desert at every meal. The weather was gorgeous - 80's, sunny, so nice. I actually didn't stress about the kids - they were fine - and the DH was more like his other self, pleasant, sorry for being a jerk, open to changes... We'll see about the follow through, but I'll stay positive for now.

My weight this morning was an acceptable. 189.9. And now that the trip is over I can regroup and start anew. In fact, I'm ready for a real challenge - to buckle down and lose 10 lbs in April. I admit I did little to lose weight in March. I still held on to the mindset that if I hit steps or exercised I could eat. If I logged it, I was OK; and I actually believed what MFP was telling me in their over inflated weight loss estimates --- "If you eat like this every days (typically +/- 1,500 calories day); you'll weigh X lbs in 5 weeks." NO, I won't... oh, I don't.

Maintenance was the only thing I could muster in March, which is fine - BUT / AND I don't like this weight. It really sucks when you feel strong and healthy inside - finishing a bike ride or run - and the pictures of you from that outing don't reflect that feeling at all. I need to match.

I don't want to be down on my self. I want to stay focused. I know what is possible if I set my mind to it. I'll be happy to lose any weight, but a goal will give me purpose - much like the May race will keep me running.


Enz said...

Love the positivity in this post!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely and you sound so relaxed. It sounds like that trip was restorative, and needed. Glad you got to take it!