Thursday, April 06, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday - A little distracted.

This weight was taken after spin around lunch time, so I'm fine with what it says and vow to make my next weigh in a new low... How else will I succeed in winning the 10 lb APRIL WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE?

If I use last week's as my "official" starting weight - 189.9 - I'm down 1.3 with 8.7 lbs to go and 3 more weigh-ins in April... a mere 2.9 lbs/week... Yes, these numbers are so unrealistic given my stubborn body; but I'm really going to try - nothing crazy or unhealthy - but lower calorie, low carb/high fat; and intermittent fasting. I can lose this weight!  

I  went back to spin class yesterday for the first time this year! It was solid - the studio upgraded to new bikes with digital readouts so I'll be able to track my progress week to week. The high intensity will be great for my health/weight loss/stress.

And speaking of stress, the DH is home on sabbatical all month. I've been writing a lot, but nothing to publish since it's mostly just venting. I'm looking for a good marriage counselor to finally deal with my frustrations and our communication issues. Nuff said.

AND I will NOT resort to eating my way through the month. I will stay FOCUSED and so far I feel like my mind is in the right place. Now the body just needs to follow through. I need to get into a groove... I know you all know what I mean!


Enz said...

Once you are in the groove, momentum will carry you!

Laina said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your success this week!