Thursday, April 13, 2017

Weigh in Wednesday reported Thursday

My stupid $18 WW scale is busted - or the battery is dead. The thing is not even a year old! I was slightly annoyed. I weighed myself after spin (though etiquette forbidding use of cameras and locker rooms = no picture)-188 even. MEH.

My body is betraying me! Or at least that's how I feel. AND I'm not giving up. I'll spend the remainder of April/May faithfully following the plan I wrote about earlier this week highlighted by two weekly 18- hour fasts... Today is my second and its much less stress than one 36 hour fast. I ate dinner at 6 last night and nothing more. I'm drinking black coffee until 2 today and then breaking the fast with a late lunch of protein and a salad.

I'm stressed. The DH is in week 2 of his sabbatical. He's not made an appointment with his primary and his knee is bothering him so can't ride his bike. He's grumpy, bored and not interested in helping me prep the house for hosting Easter brunch - cleaning, washing windows... Instead he's watching a lot of CREATE TV; cooking up recipes while I'm at work; emptying the pantry of staples only discovered when I need them... soy sauce, olive oil, agave... He doesn't get that his presence - home 24/7 - is an adjustment for the whole family and not in a good way.  We were looking forward to his planned trip to help his parents next week, but now he's decided to postpone it which has only heightened my stress. 

Thank goodness I have my girls weekend next Thursday through Sunday... 

I'm not going to eat my way out of this. I'm sticking to the plan. I kept my calories to 1257 yesterday and I'm going to do my best to knock 300 off my weekly average (down to 1300 vs. 1600). To me that means no soft serve; or less salad dressing; weighing/measuring; keeping things honest. I've added weekly Wednesday Spin - 2 weeks in a row!  and keeping a  10K step streak... Training for my 5 Miler too!! 

And a new scale is in the works!


MyStalkerIsFat said...

When my scale starts weighing inconsistently (giving me one weight, then I step on again and get a different weight) I change the battery. Hopefully that is all yours needs.

Enz said...

Yeah sounds like a battery thing. My scale was dead this morning too so my weigh in will be a day late as well. I don't use the one at the Y because it's out in the open (gasp!!) and I am fully dressed and wearing running shoes. I like my home one where I can weigh just my body and no accoutrements in addition to my weight :)

Girls just wanna have fun.....where are you off to?