Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The New Plan...

My new fasting regime is 2 - 18 hour fasts on Mondays and Thursdays. The science and reasons why are best explained in these articles/book.


Basically I stop eating before 8 p.m. Sunday night and not eat again until 2 p.m. Monday. I'll do the same Wednesday night through Thursday afternoon. My plan on Monday's and Thursday's is a protein/fat lunch and a "normal" dinner. No snacks or sugar or processed foods. The rest of the week, I drink bullet proof coffee for my breakfast (strong organic coffee with 1 tbsp grassfed butter and 1 tbsp Brain Octane). It's actually quite good; not at all greasy and tastes to me like a latte. I bought a foamer which emulsifies the mixture so it looks like a latte too. We'll see if changing things up will help with the weight loss. It definitely keeps me full until lunch.

I'm out of patience with my apathy these last 3 months.  I want to start seeing results. I had such an easy time losing weight 2012-2013. It sounds hokey, but I used hypnosis to take off 50+ lbs which basically eliminated my cravings/desire to eat. When my thyroid quit and I regained weight (seemingly overnight) I tried refreshers offered (and they weren't cheap), but it never "worked" for me again and here I am. I've been back to Weight Watchers, MFP, Whole30, Low Carb, meh... I've lost 12 pounds since October with about 34 lbs to go to get to a weight I feel comfortable.

I've logged all my food in MFP religiously since October so I know that I'm averaging 1600 calories/day overall and keeping pretty active averaging over 10,000 steps/day. I've basically maintained my weight since January. I hate to go back to calories, but I think regardless of what I eat; I'll need to cut calories (400?) and see if that works. My thyroid has been slightly up since September, but still within my normal range. My doctor feels I should shoot for 10% loss this year which is about 19 lbs. I'm OK with that. My doctor OK'd  I-F and thinks some of the research advocating gluten free is also sound. I'm not eating bread, but I haven't been crazy about label reading... and gluten is everywhere. I'll do better.

I'm going to continue to weigh in only once a week. I don't want the number rule my life and it's frustrating to try or not try and see the same crappy results...


Anonymous said...

yay for switching things up! I hope it gives you better results.

just to chime in on the bulletproof coffee, though... eating "foods" that are basically 100% fat, which is what bulletproof coffee is, can lead to WEIGHT loss but not FAT loss - and I, and probably you too, really want to lose FAT, not just WEIGHT - which, if you're not losing fat but you are losing weight, means you're losing lean mass. which is no bueno. I experimented with BPC, too, briefly, but now I just drink regular coffee, with a modest amount of half n half or MAYBE real cream, sometimes.

basically, when trying to lose body fat, adding more dietary fat interferes with that goal (although it can look like progress on the scale). Just a friendly input from someone who's very interested in the topic. I still support you whatever you decide to do. Have a great day and great week.

Enz said...

Wow. So much conflicting information out there! I'm glad that you are strong enough to figure out what works for you even though it's taking trial and error.

Lynne said...

Ugh... I have to do some more reading...What about Dr. Ludwig???