Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yup... Music Faced...

Weigh in Wednesday on a Thursday.

UP 2.1 -189.4 - didn't feel like going upstairs to get my phone so no pic, but trust me - done.

This week I've been working on walking - trying not to sit so much - and while the back is slightly better; I sense I'm one move away from sliding back to square one. I'm moving very deliberately. And I haven't made an acupuncture appointment yet...Today? Tomorrow? I have so much to do!

The DH is on his way home from PA where he went to see his parents. I hope he's ready to get on board with clean eating. I hope he had a "come to Jesus" moment seeing how his parents are living - Trust me when I say there is no quality of life just hours of doctors, therapy and stress. To what end? It's SO FRUSTRATING, but I'm working on creating distance, limits, because it's not my rodeo.

Unlike my in-laws, my mom takes a calcium supplement for a long term woman's study started in the 80's. That's it, and to celebrate her 75 birthday she's skydiving with my oldest who's turning 18. I hope to grow old like her!

For now I'm back to my plan - fasting today til 2, eating a healthy and delicious Moroccan stew I made this morning. I'll get this gain off and more. I'm in a good place.

And on a completely different topic:

Is anyone watching Handmaid's Tale? I'm hooked.


Enz said...

What a rough time you're having. I hope your back is feeling better soon. You must be so frustrated with not being as active as your normally are!

We had to read Handmaid's Tale in Grade 9 (it's a Canadian thing!) and I hated it. Atwood is not one of my favourite authors and I just never "got" her writing. It always seems way over my head or felt like I was missing what all the fuss was about. Only two novels I really enjoyed of hers: Cat's Eye and Alias Grace.

Hope all goes well when hubby gets back. This healthy living is so much easier when everyone is on board! Kudos to your mom. I want to grow up to be just like her too!

MyStalkerIsFat said...

I read Handmaid's Tale years and years ago, but I haven't watched any of the new show. I like Margaret Atwood but feel like most of her books are quite depressing.

My mother isn't quite as active as yours, but she is in her 80's and still goes to the gym for workouts. I also hope to stay active as I age.

Lynne said...

I fully agree with ENZ... I just can't get through an Atwood novel - the show, however, is another story entirely; and yes, MSIF, it is a little depressing (lot), but the acting is superb, cinematography amazing!!