Friday, May 12, 2017

Did I forget to weigh in?

I'm feeling a little left behind. My co-workers and I have an accountability group chat where we post our weights for the week. They have lost tons and I have lost nothing but 10 lbs since October and have been spinning my wheels all of 2017. After last week's gain I decided to take a week off. I'm getting freaked out by the scale and it shouldn't be a thing... MEH.

Logging my food with 3 good days out of 4 and I made it to spin Wednesday with a 90 minute combo of acupuncture, cupping (?), and massage. My back feels AMAZING (although it's covered with circle bruises!). I played hooky from work yesterday and cleaned out paperwork, paid bills and finished laundry. My only issue this week has been sleeping.  Picture waking up; zipped in a sleeping bag on top of a wood stove.... That's me ... MENOPAUSE is not fun.

Today I'm working to make it 4/5 good days. My sister has asked me to ride bikes with her tomorrow instead of running, so I'll need to run today and get the bike ready. My race is in 2 weeks! I'd like to be excited for it; not dread it...

Happy Friday!


Enz said...

Good plan. If you are getting anxious about the scale then let the scale go. Keep doing your thing - eating right and exercising and the scale will be there later.

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Seaside Dreams said...

Happy Mothers Day and good luck with the up coming race.