Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Day After Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was good. I hosted - which is somewhat stressful in the prep stage - always worried about menu, food, state of the house and do we have enough silverware.... Check.

Of course it was raining; but in the end it was a great day. I made poached salmon with a yogurt dill sauce, mixed green salad, veggies and cheese and crackers, bagels, cream cheese and bloody marys. My sister brought strawberry shortcake for dessert. I ate enough good stuff and made strawberry shortcake my dinner. It is my favorite. My kids/DH got me a Starbucks card which is all I really wanted. It was a good Mom Day.

Saturday it was just me and my older sister. We did the usual 5 mile course and because she is my "coach" we ran most of the time.  She talked about the race in 2 weeks; asked me what I wanted for a time; and I completely hadn't even considered setting a goal... She suggested I time it out during next week's run - as a trial.... Um... OK...

What are my goals? Actually showing up was the only thing I had considered, but now I think it makes sense. What's the point of spending the money to do a race and trying my best? What is my best?

My younger sister this morning suggested 14 minute miles - that would encompass periods of running/walking and would mean a finish time around 70 minutes. This is my goal - totally doable.

As for food - I am fasting today and will have left over poach salmon / salad for dinner tonight. I will weigh in Wednesday morning back on schedule. I will attempt another round of whole 30 to try and break some bad habits - near daily ice cream cones and grains - I actually ate triskets and tortillla chips this weekend... WHY???  Tomorrow my little one and I are going to climb the local mountain as practice for our summer intention of climbing the presidential range in NH... which means a redo of Mount Washington. I will also intentionally run this week since we'll finally FINALLY have some sun!!!  Yeah spring!!

I'm doing my best to ease out of the funk and get down to some REAL weight loss. No magic bullets.


Enz said...

Whole 30 is great for a 'reset'. Keep us posted!

We had rain all last week too, really hoping for some Summer (or at least non-rainy) weather this week. I miss my hikes. Many of the trails were closed because of flooding or mud slides the past two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Your summer intention sounds divine. Can't wait to hear more about training and getting this done as this develops.

Anonymous said...

Oh also - so glad to hear you had a nice mom's day! You deserve it!