Monday, May 01, 2017

Fasting Monday Dump.

I have to admit it - I wanted breakfast this morning, but I stuck to the plan and left with just my coffee. The teen issues I fretted over Friday resolved themselves wonderfully, and I'm feeling positive about the week ahead.

Saturday's run with the girls was awesome. I only stopped twice during the 5 miles, and kept walk breaks to around 2 minutes. I took a long hilly walk with the dog Sunday and ate pretty well all weekend, though too many snacks and I didn't log food yesterday. I'm not sure why; and I'm trying to not let apathy set in. At least I think my motivation increased a bit when I chose to fast today as planned.

My back is still sore, but my sister had me do some good stretches and I feel like I've turned a corner. Working to strengthen the lower back and hopefully prevent this from happening again.... Still need that acupuncture appointment.

And my cat came home limping Friday night... and I LOVE my cat, but I hate going to the vet. I feel so judged (because my cat likes to be an outside cat - though I make him wear a bell so he can't sneak up and kill the birds) and the money they charge for piece of mind is exuberant... BUT - if the cut on his paw is infected he'll need antibiotics and that's only going to happen if I go... MEH.

And my car needs oil/brakes...

And my NEST thermostat won't hold a charge and I spent 87 minutes on hold before I gave up and went to bed. At least it's spring so we don't NEED heat... although it would be nice to take the edge off of the damp 55-60 degree day...

The DH went back to work today - sabbatical over!  It has been the longest April in HISTORY and a glimpse into what life may be like in retirement... ugh. We agreed that he needs some outside friends and hobbies, and he needs to take care of himself better. He was only slightly annoyed that I cleaned the junk food out of the kitchen and we'll see how the week goes - if he'll succumb to his old ways.

I'm making more soup this week because it is good, filling and healthy. I'm not snacking and will stick to 3 meals on days I'm not fasting. I'm adding another run to my weekly exercise and getting back to spin Wednesday. I want to take off what I gained last week. We'll see how it goes.


Seaside Dreams said...

Enjoy your week

MyStalkerIsFat said...

Hope your back heals up fast and lets you get back into the the swing of things. And hope your cat is okay!