Monday, June 26, 2017

Fresh Week

I'm feeling restless. I didn't exercise like I wanted to this past weekend and although I was busy, there are no excuses for not going for a run. I also ate good food; just too much... again. And today is Monday so I get to start over with a clean slate and the best of intentions. I will eat in control, small portions, not after 6 p.m. I will intentionally exercise a minimum of 3 times which will not include walking the dogs - something I  just do because I like the dogs!

We're sitting for our neighbor's lab this week. She's my dog's best pal - so sweet together - and it's pretty easy; except for morning walks where it's me with 2 dogs versus a lot of dumb rabbits... My poor shoulders!!!

It's going to be a weird first week with my older daughter at camp. My youngest already mentioned how much she misses her... "Who will drive me places?" "We just started liking each other..." Sweet, huh? We're already making plans to visit her on her days off; planning a hike in the White Mountains... one of the Presidential's other than Mt. Washington perhaps...It's a 6 hour round trip, but totally doable and a great way to spend a summer day.

For now we'll have to adapt to the quietness...

The DH is interviewing this morning for a new job, which could totally alter our summer plans if he has to jump right in to ramp up, and can't take time off... We'll wait for the offer, but it's giving me something to think about...

I WILL NOT WASTE A DAY OF SUMMER... It goes by too fast!!!

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