Monday, November 06, 2017

Just a Smidge of Apathy...

I ran hard this weekend!  Yeah me!!! I probably covered 4 of 5 miles RUNNING and I owe it all to the fact that the slower runners in our group were absent, leaving me no excuses

The weekend was mostly about the teen and her play. I went to all three shows... I am the mom.  The little one started club field hockey and her first game was Sunday morning at 8 a.m. I was pretty thankful for the end of Daylight Savings and the extra hour of sleep... Other than kid activities, I did a lot of laundry; a lot of snacking and made some bad choices with my food. I did not track. And TA-DA!  It's Monday... a day to start over? Again?

I'm going to WW this week. I'm getting on the scale. I'm owning the number and I'm moving on... I've got to make some sort of commitment. I don't want to gain. I want to lose! Why does it have to be so darn hard!


Sarah said...

Running 4 miles is an awesome achievement. And kids will always keep you "running".

MyStalkerIsFat said...

Great job running! I am having a hard time with my eating too but am determined to have a good loss this week...I hope!