Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Getting Over it...

My eating and tracking are way off as I consider NOT going to WW in the morning... again... WTF? Why is it so hard to see a number on a scale. It's obviously up!  AND I have my own scale just feet away and can't bear to step on... WHY IS THIS SUCH A THING WITH ME?  Weight up? Bad week. Weight up, didn't track? Don't go to WW this week? Why? Do I really think whatever's gone wrong will be righted by NOT going? Clearly I know the answers to these questions. Clearly I've lost my way. I've been eating foods (TORTILLA CHIPS?!) that I have had in YEARS... Why now? I'll have one good day, two and then ---eat candy and whipped cream from the fridge and sneak a brownie at the play. Granola bars - a piece of baklava (because it's homemade)...2 pieces of cornbread because DH didn't eat his...  How can I ever expect to lose? WHERE IS MY MOJO?

And DH is actually losing weight - probably 30 lbs since this summer - and he's looking much healthier; more on the normal side of "overweight".

I don't like how I look. I don't like how I feel. I want to be able to choose to do a 5K without wondering if I'll be last... Will I have to walk? Meh.

I need to just figure something out. I need to stop the slide. I need to get my shit together.


Enz said...

I get you. I wish I had answers for us both!!

Sarah said...

Think my mojo ran away with yours. I can't seem to find it LOL.

Hang in there, maybe we will both get back on track soon.