Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back on track...

I spent the last weekend in a funk. My dear husband is having what I hope to be his mid-life crisis. He got a raise at work (yeah) and while I thought that meant we could pay for heat this winter, he decided that it meant he could buy that motorcycle he's been dreaming about... MAD as HELL I was... He is SOOOOOOOO selfish, self centered, not responsible with money. I seriously had to consider if this was an offense worthy of divorce. I decided that it was not, however, I am still not ready to forgive/forget. Time heals... right?

I thought I might be hungry this week, so I stocked up over the weekend... I now know it was my stress level, and this week I intend to make things better. I had an awesome spin class yesterday and went back to the gym last night for a killer upper body/abs workout. My triceps are talking to me this morning.

I will find out in 2 weeks whether I am on the Boston Marathon team or not. I am kind of hoping to make it so that "my plan" for this winter will be set with out me having to make to much of a mental effort. I am running a 5K this weekend with my sisters and brother... I hope that the spinning will have helped me as I haven't run in a couple of weeks.

Goals for the week are:
Write a food journal - stay on ww
Keep up with the exercise (spin x 2, bike 20 miles, 5k)
Mow the lawn... one last time before the leaves drop!

Off to start the day!

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