Friday, September 02, 2005

My pants are loose!

I am going to the Red Sox game tonight and since it will be in the 60s, I thought it prudent to pull out some jeans. I have a pair of Lees that I wore all last winter - super tight when they come out of the dryer, but after a wearing loosen up and look OK. This morning I pulled them up and "TA DA!" zipped and buttoned and they feel like I've worn them for a week... I guess that means they actually fit me now, the way they are supposed to.

Diet mojo is good, fitness is good. I have a long ride plannned for tomorrow morning (hopefully there won't be too much beer flowing tonight). I'll run on Sunday before the cookout, and again on Monday since the gym will be closed for the holiday. I just have to keep on keepin on...

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