Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being apathetic... Trying to move on...

My back is still tweaked, but I am going to test the toe this morning as I indulge in a much needed pedicure. It's my treat of the week, so I hope it won't hurt?! The dog is also desparate for a walk so at least I will get in a little "exercise", and I am tackling the upstairs today (kids rooms, my room, bathroom) and that has to count for something.

My sister went back and joined WW again. I have this secret jealousy thing with her... I always fear that she will find the elusive key to losing weight and I will be left behind --- fat, alone. Of course I wish her the best, but I too want to make sure it's a priority in my life again; It hasn't been for much of the summer. I am eating healthy foods, but not concerning myself too much with portion control and this is a problem. I have not journaled and I have not even weighed myself (hard to know how I am doing if I don't know where I am). Everyone has issues in their lives, so I won't blame my apathy on that... I really just need a kick in the butt!

I overheard an exchange at Danskin this weekend. A woman stated that she had to sign an additional waiver at the race because she was an active cancer patient with an open port for chemo. She did not want to miss the race as she'd been doing this for the past five years as a survivor -- and now the cancer came back... "What could they possibly be worried about? That racing in this lake is going to kill me? HA!" Everyone has issues, and apathy does not have to play a part. In fact, adversity can make you stronger. I've got a lot to think about... I've got to move away from the "dark side" of life, and put some lessons into practice.

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