Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I haven't exercised this week because of a sore toe and my aching back. I've been icing and using aleve. I think it's getting better and I may make it to spin tomorrow morning (I hope).

I am really trying to make a dent in my house chores. I am going to call for a dumpster today!! If I could end the month with a clean basement and all the junk out of the house I would be extremely happy and the stress would most definately decrease. Right now I feel as though I am drowning. Besides that I need an infusion of happiness. My DH hates his job. When he's home all he does is complain about the job and the politics. I feel like an emotional tampon. He keeps bringing junkfood into the house and complains that our daughter is getting fat. (He's gained about 25lbs this year, on top of the 40 or so he needed to lose at the start). He is "embarrassed" about the state of the house, yet does nothing by way of chores... Right now there is not option for meaningful dialogue. He'd blow up in a rage of self pity, paint me as the nagging ungrateful wife and storm out. It's happened before and I can do without the drama so I say nothing. I do the best I can. It's a weird dynamic.

I have to take care of myself and my kids and hope that DH can work on his issues and realize that it's better to be a part of a family.

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