Friday, July 03, 2009

A butt kicking

For the last 4 years, my friend Sara has been biking, while I focused on triathlon and running distance. We went riding this morning after a long hiatus and she KICKED my BUTT! Man, I feel like it is day one all over again. I am sore and exhausted!!! I was out of breath the whole time as she whistled up the hills; la - dee - da! She was always stopping to wait for me I felt bad, like I wrecked her workout. It was more than humbling, and I felt FAT.

However, in the end, it was nice to gain a little perspective... like I can do a whole lot better and work a whole lot harder. There are reasons why in-shape people have trainers -- because they push them out of their comfort zones, they make them go a little harder... I honestly asked myself this morning (huffing and puffing) if I was having fun or not... The answer was that I was not having any fun at all..... THIS SUCKS! is more the truth. I want to embrace the hill, I want to love the hill, I just was not feeling it this morning. I know there will be more workouts like this, but I know they are not all like this. I hope my next one will be uplifting...The kind where you feel strong and happy in the end.

Off to my in-laws...

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