Wednesday, August 12, 2009

21 days and counting...

My kids are slowly killing me... I have great respect for anyone who had more than 2, except that the odds of at least liking one are increased with more... Is that what you're going for? It has to be too much together time. They know how to press each others buttons and the resulting whacks, tears and name-calling is enough to send me packing. I want to be a good mother - in fact, I actually want to be a great mother, but it is SO hard to maintain my composure and endless patience when all you want to do is SCREAM REAL LOUD!

I mean how am I supposed to manage the endless taunts of "She's looking at me?!" "Stop looking at me!" "She's copying me! Tell her to stop!!" "You're a DUMBO!" "No, You're a DUMBO!" and then there's "How come you NEVER let me have a sleepover?" "How come we can't go to Dairy Queen? You never let us do anything!" "Forget it ! I am NOT going to school if I can't have a new backpack!" "You never let us buy what we want!" And, let's not forget "Why do I have to clear the table?" "But that's not my drink box - Why do I have to pick it up?" "Picking up my room is BORING!" "Why do we always have to wait for you to do stupid laundry!" "I don't care if my drawers are messy!" "I don't want to go to Stop&Shop!" "Why do I have to walk the dog?" UGH!!

My DH has been working 12 hour days and exclaiming how rough it's been as he kicks off his work clothes in a heap mere steps from the hamper. He remarks how nice it must be to be at the lake with the kids all day... Yeah, delightful.

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