Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm in!!!

I was notified yesterday that I am sufficiently sad enough and fat enough to participate in a weight loss study! I can not tell you how psyched I am! Two years of having to commit and account to a group about my diet and exercise! This is my big chance to finally get to where I want to be... This is my equivalent of being selected for BIGGEST LOSER. Real help from professionals -- psychologists, dieticians, personal trainers... Small rewards - there is an image component that includes a stylist and makeover, gift certificates for staying engaged in the program for the whole 2 years..... Yes, this is BIG!

I didn't realize how badly I wanted this until I received word yesterday. It was a HUGE relief and a wave of happiness to know that I finally have a REAL PLAN that I am committed to seeing through. Stay tuned - this is going to be fun!

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Feener said...

awesome.....can't wait to hear about the journey