Friday, November 06, 2009

Some things are bigger than you think....

Today was Veteran's Day at my daughter's school and I was invited to be honored, as I am a veteran. I am proud of my service and look back fondly on the time I spent in the Army. I had great experiences, made life-long friends (and a DH) and learned a lot about my young self. My girls know that I served (as did their dad), but I never really knew how they felt about it.... until last night.

My little first grader was SO excited that I was coming to her school. She made me a medal and her class a poster filled with glitter. It felt like Christmas Eve... She couldn't wait to go to bed, but she was up for most of the night because she just couldn't wait for morning... I let her lie with me for a while, put her back to bed... let her back in, and put her back to bed. I've been up since 1:12 a.m., but it was well worth the time spent with her. At the ceremony she was beaming. I let her wear some of my pins --- since their was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to put on my uniform (I will not even try my pants --- I don't need reminders of what 30+ pounds does to your body, let alone birthing 2 kids!). I was the "only MOM" there and DD2 was proud. I was too.

I went grocery shopping and bought fixings for several healthy meals. My fridge is stocked with hummus, veggies, yogurt and skim milk. I have been faithful to the program for most of the week - getting in some good exercise and journaling my food. Hopefully I'll be able to keep it together over the weekend. It's time to rake the leaves so I know I'll get enough exercise!

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