Friday, January 15, 2010


The weight loss portion of the study I am involved in began Wednesday night. It was NOT pretty. Since it started at 7:15 p.m., I had the pleasure of weighing in after 3 slices of pizza and 2 mugs of green tea... 194.8 WOW... Haven't seen those numbers in a long time and don't want to ever again.... On the plus side, it could spell a BIG loss next week... We'll see.

My first goal is 7% - so 176.5 pounds.... There is no deadline, but my calories are supposed to live in the range of 1300, fat grams 37 and I should work up to exercising 60 min/5x week.

Day one was a wake up call. I thought I ate well until I added it up - 1750 calories and 45 fat grams.... Today I will do better... For the week, however, I managed to walk the dog every day-2+ miles Mon - Wed and slightly less yesterday and this morning. I did my weights workout three times, elliptical, and a spin class. Exercise is good. I am committed... 2 days in and a lifetime to go...

I LOVE that I will weigh in every week. I LOVE that someone will review my food journal and ask questions. I LOVE that someone will care if I exercise. Accountability is my friend.

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Stephanie said...

Accountability is certainly a helpful tool. It can help bring habits out of the closet. Just make sure that the person you are accountable to is kind and non judgemental...especially if that person is yourself!
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