Sunday, January 10, 2010

So what’s different? What’s new?

I’ve been to spinning. I had my first real lap swim of the year. I’ve made 3 new recipes – minestrone soup, quiche, and a Moroccan grilled chicken (all good). My weight last Monday was officially 192.4 – the result of eating everything I wanted between Christmas and New Years… I purchase the cycling attachments (cadence counter, mount) for my Garmin and the heart rate monitor strap. The only gadget left is a shoe pod (so it will track distance while running indoors), but I hope to just run outside and save the $99 (GO AWAY SNOW).

My mood is not constantly positive, but I am attempting to recognize certain eating cues and steer myself in a different direction. I am trying much harder to not let the moods of other people affect mine as much. It’s a real struggle. This week is really my first training week of the year. I’ve got a training plan – which coupled with group weight loss sessions for the study I’m involved in – should yield some great results. For the next month: Monday is a core class, followed by a 60 minute spin. Tuesday/Thursday - weight training and a long dog run/walk, Friday run or spin, Saturday is swimming. Sunday is my day of rest. After this first 4 week trial, I will increase my running distance to 5 miles at least once a week, and add a 90 minute spin class. My goal is to ease back into it and not get burned out before my Olympic distance race in August. I want to be strong, feel good and not feel burdened by training.

I can do this.

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