Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Can someone please kick my butt!

Between the snow days, job interviews, valentine's day chocolate, and... hmmm let me think if there are any more excuses... nope - can't think of any more...

I have been *BLAH* about the gym for the last week, lax about journalling and stuck in a rutt of eating more than I need to ... and cookies too! UGH!

I want to beat myself up - what good would it do? I want to DO something?! I've run through everything --- Am I depressed? No, not really. Do I feel stressed? Perhaps a little about the job situation and the fact that we had to buy a new car this weekend... Maybe that is it. Maybe I need to just recognize it and not stop exercising. I have to realize at some point that exercise is what really makes me feel better. AND if I am feeling better, maybe - just maybe - I'll eat better too!!!

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