Friday, July 02, 2010

Day 13...

Feeling frustrated... I am tired of being inconvenienced and even more tired of inconveniencing others... The Ortho told me I could drive after a week, yet the pain and weakness I felt made that an impossibility and after I finally just gave into the pain and drove yesterday, my calf and the break area itself are just aching to the point where it was hard to sleep last night.

The ortho told me I could swim when I felt ready to do so... In my mind I am ready, is my leg? Probably not... If I just DO IT will I hurt it... FRUSTRATING.... I have no patience. I am sick of sitting. My house is messy again, laundry is piling up, my kids have things they want to do and my DH hmmmml... It's all about HIM, and work is always a convenient excuse for being anyplace but here, helping out.

AND SO... I will do my best to move forward, heal as fast as my body will let me and NOT re-injure, or God forbid hurt something else (and with the crutches and the giant boot I am most concerned for my back! ) I am going to get on the scale this weekend and focus for now on my diet. I've been getting groceries delivered for the last few weeks and I have to say that it is really a great way to stay on track, buy what I need and not what I impulsively grab during an actual trip to the store...

I will go to the pool tomorrow a.m. and see how I feel. I dont have to kick, I can just pull a few laps and move up from there. I may be swimming for SheRox (there are a lot of Mentees still nervous about the water) and my sister has introduced the idea of a relay for the OLY I am registered for in August... This is called making the best of a unfortunate situation.

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