Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The BEST feeling in the world....

is walking into your house and smelling CLEAN. It is noticing that your baseboards really are white, as are the alternating squares on your kitchen floor.... Since I broke my leg in June, my house has gone to shit. I would pick up, do the laundry, sweep and swiffer, but that's about it. I haven't cleaned my house in ages and I was overwhelmed by the prospect. Seriously, if you are going to deep clean a room, it could take 8 hours... Move the furniture, vacuum under the cushions of the couch (yuck), wipe down walls, dust... Working 28 hours a week now, I just can't find the time. Besides, when I took the job I told my DH that he'd have to chip in... It's been 7 months and I don't think he's altered his life on iota.

SO - I hired a cleanning team to come every other week and they started today. I was a little nervous about leaving my house (and puppy) to complete strangers, who asked for cash and were driving a van with long expired tags... I thought to myself as I drove off to work that my DH would kill me - to be robbed blind in broad daylight... But they were AWESOME!!! When I came home 3 hours later to walk the dog, they were still here AND they were cleaning my microwave!!!
5 hours later, now home for the day - I feel positively GIDDY.... The fridge is really white... I still want a new one, but it's CLEAN. The showers are shining... They made the beds for the girls and set up their stuffed animals.... All of our important stuff is just how we left it. I pray that it can stay like this until they come again....

It is the BEST money that I've spent in ages. My DH can deal. I am NOT giving this up!!!

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