Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good Things and Bad Things


1. I weighed 182.0 at Weight Watchers this morning. I LOVE my leader - she is SO with it... I left the meeting feeling motivated and ready to tackle week 4. If I lose 2.5 next week, I will make my first goal of 5% AND be at my lowest weight in several years. ROCK!!

2. I went food shopping; filled the cart up with veggies and fruit and good plans for dinner - Salmon and Spinach Quinoa.... I hope tastes as good as it sounds.

3. I picked up my car this morning from the garage and it cost $35 ! The mechanic said everything's great. I got an inspection sticker last week after the "air bag" light suddenly went out (hooray) and now I am set (until I have to repair the A/C --- I will NOT go another summer with out it!)

4. After a LONG winter weekend with the kids and hubby; the cleaning ladies made it to my house. I LOVE MY HOUSE CLEAN!!


1. My roof is leaking into the living room. It's ruined the piano bench, ceiling and walls... I spent the better part of my day ("off") buying a ladder, shoveling snow off the room and breaking the ice...

2. My day "off" was spent doing stupid shit instead of what I wanted, which was finding a yoga class...

3. I am feeling STRESSED about my daughter's science project that she just won't finish! She's blown up twice, her tutor cancelled for the week and it's due tomorrow.

4. I have to go to work tomorrow all day and I don't want to... I need a break, but I have no more time off... I can't even take a sick day until March!

5. My cats have decided that the litter box is optional - so even though the house is clean - all I smell is CAT... I would just LOVE to off these old cats, but I just don't have it in me... I honestly wouldn't care if I came home one day and they were gone... (a girl can dream)

6. The weathermen are calling for more snow Thursday night... I HATE WINTER... I HATE COLD... I can not bear the thought of another snow day, or 3 day weekend trapped in the house. CABIN FEVER IS NO JOKE PEOPLE!!

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