Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things I've Decided

I am ...
  • journalling my food no matter what
  • buying what is healthy for me and my family. I will not buy gross cookies or Nutella or chips and complain about my kids or husband (or me) eating them.
  • going to respond to people and situations after careful thought. I am not going to REACT (which usually means yelling or getting myself all mad or emotional)
  • going to stop complaining about the cold (which I hate). I will look forward each day to a little more light, and moving a little closer to Spring. I have to start embracing what I can't change.
  • going to accomplish at least 3 things on "the list" each day
  • going to sign up for a yoga class this week
  • going to exercise a minimum of 3x week with an eye to getting stronger and fitter...

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