Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Weight Watchers will be different this time...

This is beginning of my second week on WW's new "PointsPlus" program. The details are boring, but suffice to say - it really is a new (and improved) program! I like it. It's much more focused on what you are eating (pushing fresh) versus how much you are eating (calories)... Fruit and veggies are free and other items I used to go for --- 1 point english muffins are now .... 3 points... Hmmm eat less processed carbs, eat more protien. Smart.

My starting weight last week was 189.0 - My loss this week was 3.8 pounds. My current weight is 185.2

My first goal is to follow the plan, which I've been doing on line for the last 7 days... My second is to reach 5% or 179 pounds. This will be 10 pounds down and mark the lowest weight I've seen in 17 years... What I must do is keep my mojo going! I really want this to be the last time I join WW. I want to finally become a lifetime member. Hard work. I am ready.

Up next - exercise...

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